The number of yoga practitioners is on the rise!

Scientific research is showing that the health benefits of yoga and meditation practices are tremendous. More and more health care practitioners are recommending yoga to their patients. In the past decade the number of yoga practitioners has skyrocketed. With this popularization of yoga, the senior age demographic has tripled in the yoga room and real people of all ages, shapes, sizes and experience levels are showing up in classes.

There is a huge need for yoga teachers truly qualified to teach such diversity

Yoga classrooms are now flooded with diversity in fitness levels, body types, belief systems, and life experience. Our one size fits all sequences benefit some but not others. Many arrive in public classes with injuries, chronic health conditions and mobility challenges. There is a huge gap in the demand for yoga teachers that are truly qualified to teach adaptive, safe, and bio-mechanically sound practices. 

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We train you to be professionally prepared

Soma Yoga Institute was founded to fill this growing need for high-quality instructors by educating our students in modern biomechanics, while merging the best of ancient practices to create an in-depth yoga program that leaves our instructors with a foundation of knowledge, safety, strength and skill.

At Soma Yoga Institute, we know that you want comprehensive yoga teacher training to become an expert instructor, so that you can help your students reach their health and wellness goals.

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Become an expert, sought out instructor

For more than a decade, our world-class instructors have helped thousands of students, like you, immerse in high-quality therapeutic yoga training and become sought-out instructors in their area.

We are dedicated to helping you receive the highest-quality education in the yoga space, so that you and your students will experience true breakthroughs and transformation in their yoga journey, safely.

We give you world class instruction in:

  • Alignment & anatomy biomechanics.
  • Ancient Yoga wisdom & philosophies
  • Strong foundation of safety
  • Application of the radical self honoring philosophy to help shift belief systems
  • Findings from NEW evidence based research
  • Working with private clients with injuries, aging bodies and all fitness levels
  • And more!
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Train in safe, therapeutic and adaptive techniques

The safe, therapeutic and adaptive techniques you'll learn in our Yoga trainings will keep your own body safe and free of repetitive strain injuries for a life time of Yoga as you learn to train others.

Our mission is that you leave your yoga teacher training and continuing education classes with Soma Yoga Institute with the knowledge and skills you need to thrive as a yoga instructor.

The process to get started is simple. If you are ready to help others through therapeutic yoga, choose a course online or join one of our live programs and sign-up today.

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Visit Our Online Course Library

Wether you are looking for a personal development course, Yoga Alliance CE credits, IAYT Professional Development or certification as a yoga teacher, we have you covered!