Chakra Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion

with Peggy Profant E-RYT 500


20 Hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education 

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Chakra Yoga Teacher Training & Immersion with Peggy Profant, E-RYT 500

Live Zoom Mondays, September 20 - November 1, 2021

3:00-5:00pm Pacific (California) | 6:00pm-8:00pm (New York) * Recordings available if you cant make the call.

A 20-Hour Training for Yoga Teachers and Interested Students

Join Peggy Profant in a 7 week immersion and teacher training into the energy body with an exploration of the chakras. Learn to teach and guide transformational yoga classes, meditations and visualizations. In our supportive, live group meetings,  there will be a short lecture and discussion with an embodied practice to awaken and balance each of these powerful centers of transformation. This course is for yoga teachers as well as all interested students.

Whats Included?

  • Participate in 7 Live Group Calls
  • Access to 7+ hours of pre-recorded Videos
  • An MP3 of a chakra balancing meditation
  • A 30 minute pre recorded lecture video
  • Pdf's of guided visualizations for each chakra for your personal and teaching use 
  • Earn 20 hours of Continuing Education with Yoga Alliance 

Come away transformed and 

  • Empower your teaching with a deeper knowledge and experiential understanding of your Chakra system 
  • Learn techniques to bring chakra awareness and how they relate to  life experience alive in your students
  • Learn to craft yoga practices that bring balance and harmony to yourself and your students
  • Meditations and guided visualizations for yourself and to share with others
  • Deeper understanding of how to weave in themes to awaken the potency of each chakra's healing potential

Cost: $397 Regular Price/$347 Early Bird Price by September 13, 2021.

About Peggy Profant

Peggy Profant, E-RYT 500, and Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher, is a playful, passionate and adventurous spirit who is on a lifelong path of Yoga. 

Her first initiation into yoga was through Kripalu, and it gratefully changed the course of her life in her formative teen years.  Yoga provided balance, self discovery, and restoration throughout her academic years in college as she completed studies in Environmental Education and Dance.  

Peggy travelled to India to immerse in the practice of Ashtanga yoga where she met her life partner. Teaching yoga coincided with settling down, raising a family and becoming a massage therapist in 1998.  Later Peggy pursued the rigorous path to become a Certified Anusara Teacher in 2004 and began to delve into more studies of the therapeutic aspects of yoga.  Every class she teaches is a creative expression with meaningful and uplifting heart themes partnered with skillful sequencing and therapeutic alignment. An avid believer in the benefits of meditation, she volunteers her time after classes to lead meditations. Peggy is a thoughtful  and encouraging Life Coach and mentor to many students and yoga teachers in her community and around the globe. It is her wish to empower her students, friends and colleagues to overcome obstacles to self love and allow each person to joyfully offer their gifts back to humanity.  In addition to Yoga, Peggy finds her deepest joys through being in nature, travel and sharing time with family. Peggy founded and operated a premier yoga studio in Arcata, Om Shala Yoga, for 10 years, and co-founded World Family Yoga leading family retreats in Costa Rica. She has been leading workshops, retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings since 2005. 

Find out more about Peggy here.

Chloe Weaver

Peggy is an incredible teacher, and I absolutely loved how she inspired me.

Jenna Donatelli

Peggy did an amazing job teaching (alignment, Ayurveda, and )chakras and her language is so clear and concise. Peggy’s teachings are so in depth and she is always so kind and warm and welcoming. I am so impressed with her ability to be present and unconditionally loving. 

Marlo Drago

Peggy taught me safety and gave me confidence and space to feel like I could physically practice again. Her love, patience, and direct approach is amazing. She made me feel safe on my mat and retrained me on the proper alignment that has forever changed my practice. She also taught me how to take yoga off the mat and into my daily life. She gave me the space to rebuild my confidence in my poses. I came here with chronic pain and am leaving with no pain in my mind, body, and heart.

Chakra Yoga Teacher Training

$347 Early Bird

  • Cost: $397 Regular Price/$347 Early Bird Price by September 13, 2021.
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